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Configuring Memberships

AudienceView supports membership programs and associated benefits. You can use memberships to give donors or customers access to promotions or benefits.

There are two types of memberships:

  • Incremental memberships: Allows a customer to advance through levels of the membership automatically based on point accumulation. A customer can only hold one instance of this type of membership.
  • Static memberships: Can have levels but customers do not accumulate points which enables customers to hold multiple instances of the membership.

Customers can earn memberships by making donations, purchasing bundles or miscellaneous items, or through ad hoc assignment to a customer’s account. When a membership is associated to an appeal, bundle and/or miscellaneous item, it is given an associated number of points. The points are used to determine which level of the membership is earned. If the membership does not have levels, the customer earns the membership regardless of the number of points given.

For example, the same membership is associated with a miscellaneous item (20 points) and a bundle (30 points) and a customer purchases both items. With an Incremental membership, the customer accumulates 50 points and one instance of the membership. With a Static membership, the customer earns two instances of the membership – one with 20 points and one with 30 points.

Users can only give a membership ad hoc to a customer’s account if the membership has levels.

If a user gives a customer the membership ad hoc, the user can pick which membership level to give and the customer earns the base points associated with the selected level. For more information on ad hoc assignments, refer to Managing Customer Memberships.

If a user removes a membership from a customer account, the customer will lose all associated benefits for that membership. If a user updates an order such that a membership is transferred to another customer (customer reassigned on an order or associated to a miscellaneous item), the new customer will be given the membership and any associated benefits.

The following sections describe how to configure memberships: