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Tracking Email Campaigns with Google Analytics

To use Google Analytics to track open emails, complete the following:

  1. If you have not already done so, set up a Google Analytics account at Google Analytics.
  2. Open the Registry application from the AudienceView Desktop.
  3. Navigate to the Registry::EN::Application::Online::Analytics::Email Tracking node.
  4. Complete the following fields:
    • Campaign: Enter the name of the email marketing campaign (e.g. Fall 2011 Newletter)
    • Content: Enter a brief description of the content of the email (e.g. 20%-off Fall 2011 Events)
    • Medium: Enter the medium used to communicate with customers. In most cases this will be Email.
    • Source: Enter the name of the company/list used to send the email to customers. This is particularly important if your organization also uses an outside email marketing company.
  5. Click 'Apply'.
    A window confirms that application updated the Registry.
  6. Click 'OK'.

When you insert a link into an email message in the Content Management application Messages|Build page (Building Links to Performances, Bundles, Articles and Miscellaneous Items in a Message) the Google Analytics tracking information will be embedded into the link as illustrated by the highlighted portion of source code of a performance link below:

Whenever the Google Analytics tracking information changes, you must update the Registry fields listed above. Alternatively, you can also update the information directly in the source of the link.
You can add a fifth tracking option to the source code, utm_term=, which allows you to track emails using key words related to the link/advertisement (e.g. utm_term=weekend+matinee). The 'Term' field does not exist within the Registry.