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Configuring 3-D Secure Payments

3-D Secure is the authentication protocol used by Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode. The goal of 3-D Secure is to authenticate the online user by the entry and verification of a designated password or PIN prior to the completion of a purchase. The 3-D Secure process only applies to immediate (not scheduled) sales transactions.

To configure 3-D Secure for online payments:

  1. Configure the PayPal payment gateway. The PayPal payment gateway is preloaded with AudienceView. To enable 3-D Secure, ensure the '3DSecure_enabled' field is set to Y.
    For general information on configuring payment gateways, refer to Configuring Payments and Configuring Payment Terminals.
  2. Configure a payment method for the PayPal payment gateway. Both Visa and Mastercard payment methods can be enabled to use 3-D Secure. When configuring these payment methods, ensure the method’s Gateway property is set to PayPal.
    For general information on configuring payment methods, refer to Configuring Payment Methods.
  3. On the Content Management application Sites|Basic page, set the 'Payment Return URL' value to the URL of the page that you want to display once the online user’s secure password has been validated and the associated payment is processed.
    For more information, refer to Content Management Sites-Basic Page.