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Optimizing AudienceView Online and Mobile Searches

Customers can search for performances, bundles, miscellaneous items, stored value items and gifts in AudienceView Online/Mobile. By entering information in the available fields (Context Types and Online Searchable Fields) and adding search criteria to an article (Working with Search Criteria to Display Results in Article Text), searches can return a number of items in the results. For example, if the 'Keywords' field on a performance, bundle and miscellaneous item contains the value deadmau5 and the search criteria has been configured to match that value, when a customer searches for deadmau5 the performance, bundle and miscellaneous item will be returned in the results.

Meta-tags can also be added to articles to help search engines (e.g. Google, Yahoo) direct customers to a site.
For more information, refer to Creating and Using Meta-Tags for Articles.

Common words and phrases, also called stop words (e.g. the, that, with, it's), can also be removed from online/mobile searches through the Registry so that they are not evaluated when a search is executed.

The following sections describe how to add keywords to various products:

The number of performances displayed before the results go to another page can be configured globally using the Registry application Registry::EN::TSContentBO::Search Results Information::Page Size node 'Default Value' field.
Page size settings can also be defined for individual articles using the Content Management application Articles|Criteria page's 'Page Size' field.