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Ticket Reprinting and Forwarding

Users have the ability to reprint tickets that they have ordered. By reprinting tickets, the application cancels the previous tickets issued and reissues new tickets to the user with new ticket numbers published on the tickets.

The user also has the ability to forward tickets to another party by entering the party's email address. In this case, the original tickets are also cancelled and reprinted and redirected to the new party via the entered email address.

In both cases when a ticket is reprinted or forwarded, a new PDF for the forwarded tickets is sent to the entered email address. A Cancel Tickets Confirmation email is also sent to the email address associated to the cancelled tickets. The default template can be set for the role on the Application Security Roles-Basic Page, or globally via the Registry. For more information, refer to Setting the Cancel Tickets Confirmation Email Template.

Once configured, tickets can be forwarded, regardless of the delivery method on the original tickets. The original order does not need to have a 'print-at-home' delivery method to be forwarded or reprinted Online. There is also no restrictions regarding where the order was generated. Tickets ordered through the desktop application can also be reprinted and forwarded.

The following sections describe how to configure ticket reprinting and forwarding:

The Using Ticket Reprinting and Forwarding Online section describes how customers reprint and forward electronic tickets.