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Content Management Sites-Menu Items Page

The following image illustrates the Content Management application Sites|Menu Items page:

The Sites|Menu Items Page

The Sites|Menu Items page allows you to create menus and submenu items for a site. The menu items can have any title, and when clicked on they will take the user to a specific site. The menu items can be ordered by entering numeric values in the 'Sort Hint' field (Menu Items – 1 being the item furthest to the left, Submenu Items – 1 being the top item) and have specific links to the appropriate sites for their actions. For example, a menu item entitled My Account would take the user to the maintainAccount.asp page. Submenus can be created under a menu heading as well. For example, under a menu item for Season Tickets, there may be related submenu items Renew Season Tickets, Purchase Season Tickets, Half-Season Tickets and Flex Packs. Each submenu item would take the user to different sites to manage their subscription. The up and down arrows beside the menu item entry display or hide the submenu items.

One menu option is always available and always populated, which is the Help menu option. It is not listed in the Sites|Menu Items page, but will appear on the site.

For more information, refer to Managing Sites.

On this page, the 'Delete' button common to other AudienceView pages has been removed. It was discovered that, though consistent with other pages in the application, it caused confusion with the 'Remove Menu Item' button. To prevent the actual deletion of a site, the 'Delete' button has been removed.