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Managing Sites

AudienceView manages the Online and Mobile sales portals and unifies the branding and purchasing experience via the Content Management application Sites pages.

One of the benefits that the Sites pages provide is the ability for an organization to easily manage different brands. For example, a theatre company may have two separate brands that promote its main stage production company and its touring company. As well, a professional sports team may have separate brands for its professional squad and its farm team.

With the ability to configure sites in AudienceView, the look and feel of the brand will still remain the same, but the difference is that each brand is available through its own web destination or site. With the combination of sites created in the Content Management application, and your organization's web server and services, you have the ability to drive customers to the appropriate brand and on-sales easily. Because different sites can be created and published, you are able to create different sites for different venues or even divisions within your organization.

Articles are defined for the site and display information to the user. For more information, refer to Managing Articles.

The following sections describe how to work with sites:

For more information regarding the configuration of Google Analytics by site, refer to Enabling Google Analytics by Site.