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Content Management Articles-Text Page

The following image illustrates the Content Management application Articles|Text page:

The Articles|Text Page

The Articles|Text page allows you to construct the content of the selected article that will be read by the user.

You can create an article using a feature-rich rich text editor. The rich text editor allows you to format your article using standard typographical effects (e.g. bold, italics, underline, strikethrough), bullets, text alignment, several fonts and font sizes. The rich text editor allows you copy content from Microsoft Word directly into your article as well. You are also able to insert tables, images and URLs to direct readers to other related sites.

The editor also allows you to link to specific on-sale performances or bundles, as well as other articles and miscellaneous items. The editor allows you to view the HTML source code to perform edits when required or desired.

The editor also provides a few templates to choose from to assist you in formatting your article easily.

The Content Management application Articles|Text page contains the following properties:

Field Description
Title Enter a title for the article.
Meta Description Enter a description for the article.
This will ensure that the description written here will be viewed on the page for the online version of the article in HTML.
The value entered in this field will also be used in conjunction with the Facebook Like button if an Open Graph Description value has not been set on the Site|Applications or Article|Applications pages.
Body Enter the body of your article.
For more information, refer to Using the Rich Text Editor to Create the Content of an Article and Using the Source Editor to Create the Content of an Article.

The following table describe the various buttons that appear on the Articles|Text page:

Button Description
Build Link Allows you to build and insert links to specific events and items.
Insert Widget Allows you to insert various widgets into articles.
Insert Context Field Allows you to create templates by inserting fields that will pull information configured against performances/series, bundles, miscellaneous items, gifts and stored value items.
If you do not select an option from the 'Default Context' dropdown on the Article|Basic page, the button will not appear.
Insert Form Field Allows you to insert form fields into articles to create surveys and feedback forms.
If you do not create a form field, the button not appear.

For more information, refer to Primary Feature Article Image Guidelines and Secondary and Tertiary Feature Article Image Guidelines.