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Article Online Searchable Fields

Article search fields pull information from the database based on what was entered in the following fields on the Content Management application Articles|Basic page. For more information and field descriptions, refer to Content Management Articles-Basic Page.

The fields listed in the table below can be used to create article search criteria on the Article|Criteria page. For more information, refer to Working with Search Criteria to Display Results in Article Text.

Article Context Type Field
id A system generated ID that identifies the article
name 'Name'
short_description 'Short Description'
description 'Description'
start_date N/A
end_date N/A
object_type A is assigned to all articles.
type 'Article Type'
category 'Category'
keywords 'Keyword'
additional_info 'Additional Info'
image1 'Image 1'
image2 'Image 2'
data[1-8] 'Article Data 1' through 'Article Data 8'
sales_type N/A
options N/A
city N/A
venue_name N/A
venue_description N/A
venue_group N/A
venue_data[1-12] N/A
series_name N/A
series_description N/A
series_group N/A
series_data[1-8] N/A
upsell_article_id N/A
addon_article_id N/A