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Extracting Article Data

You can extract current article data from AudienceView, save it and then re-upload it into the application. The extracted information can be used in association with the Dataloader to assist clients who do not want to have to re-input or set up their systems again (e.g. if the system is upgraded to a newer version or if information has accidentially been deleted). The Data Extractor is a new JavaScript template that exports its information in an XML format.

To extract article data, complete the following:

  1. Open the Content Management application from the AudienceView Desktop.
  2. Select the Articles tab.
    The Articles|Search page appears.
  3. Search for the article(s) that you want to extract. For more information, refer to Content Management Articles-Search Page and Performing Searches.
    To view all of the existing articles click 'Search' without entering any search criteria.
  4. Select the check box next to each article that you want to extract.
    You cannot select articles on multiple search result pages. If the two or more articles you want to select do not appear on the same page, increase the 'Page Size' or narrow your search by modifying your search criteria.
  5. Click next to the 'Extract' button.
  6. Select the desired extraction option:
    • Email
    • Download
    • Print
    • Screen
  7. Choose an option:
If you are Then
emailing the extraction, In the Email dialog box:
  1. Select Extract Proof (file/xml) from the 'Template' field.
  2. Enter the email address of the recipient into the 'Email Address' field.
  3. Optionally, enter a subject and message into the 'Message Subject' and 'Message' fields, respectively.
  4. Click 'Execute'.
downloading the extraction, In the Download dialog box:
  1. Select Extract Proof (file/xml) from the 'Template' field.
  2. Click 'Execute'.
  3. Follow the Windows prompts to open or save the file.
printing the extraction, In the Print dialog box:
  1. Select Extract Proof (file/xml) from the 'Template' field.
  2. Select a printer from the 'Available Printers' field. The available printers are configured by your system administrator. 
  3. Click 'Execute'.
viewing the extraction on screen, In the Screen dialog box:
  1. Select Extract Proof (file/xml) from the 'Template' field.
  2. Click 'Execute'.

The data can now be used with the Dataloader in the Utilities application. For more information, refer to Using the Dataloader and Editing the Control File.