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Google Analytics Offering

Google Analytics accepts basic information from your organization's website transactions in a feed and uses the information to generate reports summarizing the number of visits by users, the site usage, and different views describing the user's location, traffic referral, and the pages visited by the user. Google Analytics provides a dashboard summary for the different reports on offer, and allows you to click on individual summaries for more information on a desired report (see The Google Analytics Dashboard).

Reports are able to be filtered and analyzed by the type of visitor (e.g. new, referring), by traffic stream, and are also able to provide summaries for each specific day, week, or month. Reports can be exported to PDF or XML, or mailed to a specific email address if desired.

Google Analytics also provides the ability to manage alerts for analytics updates and report against entered and established goals for traffic and sales transactions. You are also able to create custom reports and compare metrics on site usage, content, goals, ecommerce and advertising. For more information, visit the Google Analytics page.

The Google Analytics Dashboard