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Enabling Pick-a-Seat Sales in AudienceView Online

You can enable pick-a-seat sales using flash-enabled seat maps. A flash-enabled seat map, enables your customers to perform the following:

  • Purchase seats directly, using the mapSelect.asp page
  • View available seats
  • Obtain information regarding selected seats, such as, pricing

To enable your AudienceView Online users to select their own seats:

  1. Specify a .JPG image for your pick-a-seat image. To do this specify a 'Detailed Image' for the venue.
  2. If not already set, enable registered users to view pick-a-seat images. For more information, refer to Displaying Pick-a-Seat Images in AudienceView Online.
  3. Enable pick-a-seat sales, for a series of performances or a single performance. To do this, select the Enable Online Map option for either of the following:
Online, the image is rendered into a Flash object so that the customer can pick a seat. If the detailed venue image is above the dimensions 2,880 x 2,880 then the image will not appear; therefore, detailed venue images must not exceed 2,880 x 2,880 if you are planning to use Pick-a-Seat online.