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Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a collection of reports and graphs that are produced from data that is provided from websites. By providing Google Analytics with basic information, an organization is able to track user traffic information and receive reports on the traffic analysis. AudienceView has now put in simple infrastructure changes to provide an interface with Google and their analytics package that they provide.

By providing basic information from your organization's website, Google Analytics provides basic reports regarding page views, browsers being used, durations of user's visits or websites that refer your organizations website. The package will also track order conversion, or sales, by tracking order conversions and purchases made on the viewOrder.asp in the AudienceView online module.

By providing this basic information in a feed to Google Analytics, analysis is performed and reported on the Google Analytics package suite and is available for download for the user. This is all facilitated by basic application configuration, and a dedicated Google Analytics account. For more information on creating a Google Analytics account and the type of reports that are available, visit the Google Analytics website.

The Google Analytics Debugger is available as extension to Google Chrome. It allows you to verify that Google Analytic tracking codes are configured correctly, and provides a breakdown of the tracking beacons sent to Google Analytics. For more information or to download the debugger, refer to Google Analytics Debugger.

The following sections provide further information about Google Analytics and how to configure AudienceView to work with it: