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Performance Configuration Workflow

The following list defines the suggested order in which you should configure performances in AudienceView. Each subsequent component/element relies on the previous components/elements to have already been created.

Items listed below only need to be configured if the performance you are creating requires them. For example, if the performance does not require a new, unconfigured delivery method, then additional delivery methods do not need to be created.
  1. Legends application
    1. Price Zones
    2. Fill Zones
    3. Hold Types
    4. Price Types
  2. Application Security application
    1. Roles (only define the names; return to complete role configuration later)
  3. Venue Configuration application
    1. Prepare a background image
    2. Sections
    3. Screens
    4. Seats
    5. Templates
  4. Product Configuration application
    1. Charges
    2. Miscellaneous Items
    3. Promotional Codes
    4. Stored Value Items
  5. General Configuration application
    1. Ticket Templates
    2. Payment Methods
    3. Delivery Methods
    4. Producers
    5. Questions
  6. Venue Configuration application
    1. Series
    2. Price Charts
    3. Performances
  7. Product Configuration application
    1. Bundles