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Managing Price Charts on a Bundle

Within a single element, if you include performances from different venues, the price chart assigned to the element on the Bundles|Assignement page must be able to cover each performance's price zones. If the performances you add to the bundle include different price types, users will not be able to use best available searches. Instead, users must use the sales map to select seats.

Online sales supports the sale of seats within different price zones only if the user is using a best available search. If the user requests seats from a price zone not available to all of the selected bundle performances, the application will not be able to fill the request. Because of this, if you are creating a bundle available for online sales, it is recommended that all performances in the bundle have one or more common price zone and only those common prize zones are made available to the Internet role for the bundle's price chart.

The following sections describe how to work with price charts on a bundle: