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Product Configuration Bundles-Gifts Page

The Product Configuration application's Bundles|Gifts page enables you solicit donations (gift products) along with a bundle. The value of the donation is added to the value of the order.

The following image illustrates the Product Configuration application Bundles|Gifts page.

The Product Configuration application Bundles|Gifts page consists of the following properties:

Field Description
Gift The gift that will included in the bundle.
Enter the name of the gift that you want to include in the bundle or click to search for and select a gift.
For more information, refer to The Find Gifts Dialog Box.
Amount Enter the monetary value of the gift.
Value Type Enables you to choose the appropriate type of value you would like to use:
  • Fixed: Sets the gift value to the monetary value set in the 'Amount' field.
  • Recommended: Sets a recommended gift value based on the value set in the 'Amount' field.
Default Appeal Enter the default appeal for the gift.
Default Fund Select the default fund for the gift.
Required Determines whether the gift is required with the purchase of the bundle:
  • Yes: The gift is required.
  • No: The gift is not required.