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Legends Price Zones-Details Page

The following image illustrates the Legends application Price Zones|Details page:

The Legends application Price Zones|Details page consists of the following properties:

Field Description
Colour Select a unique colour to represent the new price zone.
Click  to select a colour.
When creating your price zone colour scheme, consider the venue’s background image so that seats within this zone are clearly visible against the background image.
Description Enter a name or description to identify the price zone.
Value Enter a numerical value for the new price zone.
This value is used for sorting the price zones when displayed in other areas of the application. For example, when configuring a price zone template, price zone 1 will appear in the list of price zone options before price zone 2.
Label Enter a single-character label for the price zone. This label is used to represent the price zone on venue and performance seating chart printouts.
For more information, refer to Printing a Venue Template.
Group Enter a name that you want the price zone grouped under.
Message Enter a message that will be displayed when seats within the price zone are selected (e.g. obstructed view or accessibility seating messages).
Display Label Enter a name for the price zone.
If your system is configured for multi-language use, the 'Display Label' allows you to enter alternative language labels for the selected price zone.
Data [1-3] Enables you to store additional information specific to your organization.
Any data entered into these fields is searchable through Business Intelligence. To modify a data field label, navigate to the Registry application Registry::EN::Business Objects::TSvalueLegendBO::Value Legend node and select the field that you want to re-label.
The field labels in the Value Legend node are shared with with the Hold Types|Details and Fill Zones|Details pages.