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Configuring Price Zones

A price zone is a group of seats within a venue that are to be sold at the same price. Frequently, these seats are also located in the same seating area of the venue (e.g. orchestra, balcony, lower bowl; high-priced, low-priced).

The price of a seat for a given performance is determined by the combination of its price zone and the selected price type (e.g. adult, junior, senior).

Once price zone legends have been created:

  • They are available for creating price zone templates as a part of venue configuration. For more information, refer to Working with Venue Templates.
  • The price zone’s colour represents the zone on seat maps. You should thus ensure your price zone colours are clearly visible against the venue’s background images.
  • The price zone’s label is used to represent the zone on monochrome seat chart printouts, rather than colour-coded.

The following sections describe how to configure price zones: