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Working with Venue Templates


Venue templates define price zones, held seats, and fill zones (best available) for the venue’s performances. There are three types of templates:

  • Price Zones: Seats within the venue priced at the same level.
    For more information, refer to Price Zone Templates.
  • Hold Seats: Seats that can only be accessed and sold by certain roles. Held seats are usually used to reserve a seat for a particular type of customer and can only be sold by users with permission.
    For more information, refer to Hold Type Templates.
  • Fill Zones: Defines the order in which seats are filled during a best available seat search.
    For more information, refer to Best Available (Fill) Templates.

Each venue can have multiple templates of each type that could then be used for different series and performance types. For example, you may want to have a different price template for evening and matinee performances. Once you have created templates, they are assigned to a series by performance type (e.g. evening, matinee). In addition, users with appropriate permissions can change the templates for individual performances. For more information on this functionality, refer to Configuring Performance Types and Managing Performances.

When creating a template, a view of the venue’s seating is provided. You can then fill in each seat with the appropriate colour that represents the desired prize zones, hold types, and best available levels. Price zones, hold types, and best available levels along with their colouring is defined in the Legends application. For more information, refer to Legends Application.

Price Zone Templates

In a price zone template, each seat is assigned to a price zone (e.g. Orchestra, Balcony) identified by colour and name. Available price zones are configured using the Legends application. If a seat is not assigned to a price zone, the seat cannot be sold by any user. If this occurs, AudienceView informs you of which seats do not have a price zone assigned.

If you do not assign a seat to a price zone, this can have an impact on your single seat strategy. If you do not want to enable the sale of a seat (killing seats), you should remove the seat from the performance’s inventory. For more information, refer to Adding an Admission to Multiple Performances.

Once a price zone has been assigned to a template, price charts define the price per zone. The price chart is then attached to a series or performance thus defining the pricing for the performance.

Users can then perform best available searches by price zone. Price zone colours also enable users to visualize on the seat map which seats are in the same price zone and what price applies to each seat.

Hold Type Templates

In a hold type template, each held seat is assigned a hold type (e.g. Performer Hold, Sponsor Hold), identified by colour and name as defined in the Legends application. A held seat can only be accessed by roles that have permission, generally for the purpose of selling the seats to customers who meet specific criteria. If a user has access to a hold type, users can also apply that hold type to seats directly in the Customer Services application.

If a user’s role does not have access to a hold type, the held seats of that type cannot be modified by that user. When creating a template, you can only assign those hold types available to your role.

Hold Types and Promotional Codes

If a promotional code is assigned to a hold type, any users with the promotional code activated can select a seat on the hold regardless of the role's access to the hold.

  • Users can access a hold via a promotional code in the Customer Services application Seat|Map page and the Online seatMap.asp page.
  • When accessing a hold via a promotional code using the Customer Services application Seats|Best Available page, the users must select the applicable hold type when executing their best available query. The query will only return seats on the hold. It is not possible to query open and held seats at the same time.
  • Hold types cannot be accessed via a promotional code when using the Best Available option Online.

For more information, refer to Configuring Promotional Codes and Configuring Benefits.

Best Available (Fill) Templates

In a best available template, also known as a fill zone template, each seat that can be filled through a best available seat search is assigned a fill zone level.

Each best available level is defined in the Legends application and is given an integer value. Fill zones with smaller values are filled before zones with larger values (that is 1 is filled before 2, which is filled before 3). Within a fill zone, seats are filled according to the System Section, System Row and System Seat values defined for each seat on the Venue|Seats page. For more information on setting seat system values, refer to Adding Seats to a Screen.

When best available searches are performed, criteria is considered in the following order:

  • Fill zone weighting specified with the configuration of the fill zone’s template.
  • Users search criteria (e.g. desired section, aisle seat).
  • System seating information.
For example, Fill Zone 1 contains system sections 2 and 3, each of which contain system rows 6-10 and system seats 1-16. During a best available seat search, with no user criteria, section 2, row 6, seat 1 would be filled first, followed by seats 2-16 in the same row. After row 6 is filled, rows 7-10 will be filled in the same seat order and section 3 will follow when section 2 is filled.