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Configuring Benefits

Customers can earn benefits through a membership or through ad hoc assignment to a customer account. Since customers can earn memberships by making donations or by purchasing bundles or miscellaneous items, customers can earn benefits through these methods as well. Benefits can carry promotional codes which enable you to grant exclusive access to bundles, performances, admission pricing, hold types and/or miscellaneous items. For more information, refer to General Configuration Memberships and Configuring Promotional Codes.

If a capped promotional code is associated to a performance or price type, associating the same promotional code to a benefit can allow customers to exceed the 'Cap' and 'Max/Order' limits. The 'Cap' limit is affected by the benefits of the admission customer. If an admission customer is not specified, it is taken to be the order customer. The 'Max/Order' limit is affected by the benefits of the order customer. Benefits do not affect the values set in the 'Min/Order' or 'Increment' fields. For more information, refer to Setting Promotional Code Limits.

The following sections describe how to configure benefits: