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Configuring Stored Value Items

AudienceView allows you to offer your customers a certificate or card that holds a dollar value that is able to be used to make purchases in person at your box office or over the internet using your AudienceView Online. Stored value items take the form of gift certificates and gift cards.

Gift certificates behave similarly to gift cards. The single value for the gift certificate remains, but if the entire value of the gift certificate is not used by the customer, the same gift certificate number and redemption number are used to access the remaining money available on the gift certificate. Individual ticket templates are able to be created and associated to the gift certificate and will be used when the gift certificate is printed.

When processing refunds to gift certificates, money is placed back on the original gift certificate allowing the user to reuse the gift certificate. There is no need to regenerate the redemption number on the gift certificate.

Meanwhile, gift cards are configured to be either reloadable or non-reloadable. If a gift card is configured to be non-reloadable, the value of the gift card will be reduced until the entire original value of the funds placed on the gift card are spent. Unlike a gift certificate, the original gift card is retained by the customer with a decreased balance. No new gift card is created for the balance. If a gift card is configured to be reloadable, a customer is able to place a dollar value back on the card for it to be used for later purchases. AudienceView automatically tracks the current value on the card and will also allow customers to validate their balances on their cards online as well as in person at the box office. AudienceView also allows customers to reload the gift card online.

You can configure different types of Purchase or Reload types of stored value items. You may want to do so with stored value items of different fixed values (e.g. making gift certificates or cards of $5.00, $10.00, $20.00 and $50.00 denomination values).

You can create an entity called Account which is selected as the payment gateway for the Account stored value item. By doing so, AudienceView allows you to store payment values against the customer associated to the payment. The dollar value on account will be available to the customer for purchases either in-person or via web sales.

When configuring your stored value items, you will have to ensure that the payment gateway that you select is appropriate to the type of stored value item that you are configuring. For example, when creating a gift certificate item, ensure that 'Gift Certificate' is selected as the payment gateway. Mismatching the payment gateway with the type (e.g. 'Gift Card' selected for a gift certificate item), will result in an error when the item is used.

The following sections describe how to configure stored value items: