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Working with Sections

Once you created the basic details of the venue, you can now create sections. Sections identify areas within a venue, for example orchestra, balcony, or floor. At least one section must be created for a venue. Once you have created a section, it can be associated to the venue’s seating and gates. 

Any of the information you add to a section can be displayed on a ticket.


The Venue|Sections page can also be used to create stands. A stand is a collection of one or more sections. For example, for a sporting venue, you may want to use stands so that customers can purchase tickets by stand rather than by section.

Once you create the stand, it is available for:

  • best available requests
  • Business Intelligence searches
  • ticket templates

In the following example, you could create the following stands:

  • North Stand which includes sections A and B
  • East Stand which included sections C and D
  • South Stand which includes sections E and F
  • West Stand which includes sections G and H

The following pages describe how to work with sections: