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Tax Receipts and Thank You Letters

AudienceView includes tools for issuing tax receipts and thank you letters to donors and donor referrers. In addition to extracting tax receipt and thank you letter data in CSV and XML formats, AudienceView allows data to be extracted in AudienceView Mail Merge format, which automatically merges with previously configured Microsoft Word templates to create tax receipts and thank you letters.

When desktop users create an order containing donations/gifts, they must select a tax receipt template and a default thank you letter template for the receipt contact. AudienceView provides you with sample templates or you can create your own. Users can use templates that have been saved locally to the application server.

For information on printing tax receipts and thank you letters and voiding or re-issuing receipts, refer to the Generating a Tax Receipt and Utilities Pledges

The following sections describe how to work with mail merge templates: