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Event Image Guidelines

You can associate a thumbnail image with each event in AudienceView using the Venue Configuration application Series|Basic and Performance|Basic pages' 'Logo 1' (the image displayed on the right of the 'Performance Code') and 'Logo 2' (the image displayed on the left of the 'Performance Code') fields. If it is a sporting event, AudienceView allows you to configure logos/images for both teams. The images can be changed at any time.

The event images should comply with the following specifications:

  • Image name:
  • Image format: .JPG, .GIF or .PNG
  • Image dimensions: 50px wide by 50px high
  • Image KB size: 5 KB (approximately)

The following example illustrates how the image(s) will appear. The image on the left is the home team ('Logo 2') and the image on the right ('Logo 1') is the visiting team.