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Default Mobile Search Box Branding

The font colour, background and borders of the search bar that appears across AudienceView Mobile can be modified. An image can be used as a background in this section.

Component Comments CSS Selectors Line Reference Default Properties Default Property Values New Property Value
the parent container of the main search box #searchBox 168 margin 2%  
  #searchBox ul 171 border-color #DBDBDB  
      border-style groove ridge ridge  
      border-width 2px  
  #searchBox ul li.searchBoxLabel 176 font-size 1.25em  
      font-weight bold  
      text-shadow 0 1px 0 #FFF  

For information regarding the CSS gradients used within the search box branding, refer to CSS Gradients - Search Box and shoppingCart.asp Performance Totals.