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Default Mobile shoppingCart.asp Branding

Component Comments CSS Selectors Line Reference Default Properties Default Property Values New Property Value
  #shoppingCart .dataTable thead th,
#shoppingCart .dataTable tbody td
377 font-size .8em  
  #shoppingCart .dataTable tfoot td 381 font-size .9em  
  .totals-table td 384 font-weight bold  
      text-shadow 0 1px 0 #FFF  
  .totals-table tr.grand-total td 388 font-size 1.15em  
  .totals-table tr#recalculateBox td 391 border-top 2px groove #F0F0F0  
      font-weight normal  
  .totals-table tr#recalculateBox td input 395 font-size .75em  
  .totals-table td.navNote 398 font-size .75em  
  #shoppingCart.bodyDetails .navigationBox 401 border-bottom 2px groove #F0F0F0  
  #showSeats.bodyDetails .navigationBox 404 margin 0  
      padding 0  
      width 100%  
  .seat-info 409 border-bottom 2px groove #F0F0F0  
  .seat-info li 412 border-top 2px groove #F0F0F0  
      color #000  
      font-weight bold  
      text-shadow 0 1px 0 #FFF  

For information regarding the CSS gradients used within the shoppingCart.asp branding, refer to CSS Gradients - Shopping Cart and Promotional Code Indicator and CSS Gradients - Search Box and shoppingCart.asp Performance Totals.