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The orderContact.asp page appears when customers are about to complete an order:

You can customize the field labels and buttons within the orderContact.asp page, using the following Registry application Registry::EN nodes and keys:

Node Key Default Label
Application::Online [or Mobile]::Orders Confirm Address Title Confirm Address and Delivery
Application::Online [or Mobile]::Messages Empty Shopping Cart Your shopping cart is empty.
Application::Online [or Mobile]::Messages Not Logged In Please login.
Application::Online::Orders Billing Info Billing Info
Application::Online [or Mobile]::Orders Instructions Line 1 Please verify the contact, address and delivery method information below before adding your payment.
Application::Online [or Mobile]::Orders Instructions Line 2  
Application::Online::Orders Contact and Address Summary Contact and Address Summary
Application::Online [or Mobile]::Orders Contact Summary Contact Summary
Application::Online [or Mobile]::Orders Edit Change
Application::Online::Orders Address Address
Application::Online [or Mobile]::Orders Additional Information Additional Information
Application::Online::Orders Delivery Method Delivery Method
Application::Online::Orders Delivery Charge Delivery Charge
Application::Online::Orders Delivery Amount Amount
Application::Online::Orders No Charge N/C
Application::Online [or Mobile]::Certificates Pay with Card Pay with a Card
Application::Online [or Mobile]::Certificates Remove Card Remove Card
Application::Online [or Mobile]::Certificates One Card Text To use a card on this order, start by clicking the "Use Card" button.
Application::Online [or Mobile]::Certificates Use Card Use Card
Application::Online [or Mobile]::Certificates Redeem Redeem Card
Application::Online [or Mobile]::Certificates Gift Card Inquiry Check Your Card Balance
Application::Online [or Mobile]::Orders Payment Information Payment Information
Application::Online [or Mobiles] Show MasterCard SecureCode Logo 0
Application::Online [or Mobiles] Learn More URL - MasterCard
Application::Online::Orders Select Payment Method Please select a Payment Method below:
Application::Online::Orders CVV Info What is the CVV code?
Application::Online::Certificates ButtonUpdate Update Changes
Application::Online::Navigation Payment Options Payment Options
Application::Online::Orders PayInFull Pay In Full
Application::Online::Orders Deferred Defer until
Application::Online::Orders Installment Installments
Application::Online::Orders Purchase Summary Purchase Summary
Application::Online::Orders Buy Buy
Application::Online::Orders Cancel Cancel
Application::Online::Orders Disclaimer 1 Click the
Application::Online::Orders Disclaimer 2 button ONLY ONCE. Clicking more than once may charge your credit card multiple times.
Application::Online::Orders Instructions Line 4 Your privacy is important to us.
Application::Online::Orders Privacy Text See our Privacy Policy
Application::Online::Orders Notes 1 NOTE: All orders are subject to credit card approval and verification of billing address.
Application::Online::Orders Notes 2 Please check all the information to ensure you bring the correct ticket to the correct performance/game, check the information regarding bag restrictions to all performances/games and allow extra time to park and enter the theatre/stadium.
Business Objects:: TSorderBO::Payments::Payment Amount Label Payment Amount
Business Objects::TSorderBO::Payments::Payment Method Label Payment Method
Business Objects::TSorderBO::Payments::Card Number Label Card Number
Business Objects::TSorderBO::Payments::Expiry Date (MMYY) Label Expiry Date (MMYY)
Business Objects::TSorderBO::Payments::CVV Code Label CVV Code

The file appears on the orderContact.asp page when customers are about to complete an order.

You can customize the field labels and buttons using the following Registry application Registry::EN nodes and keys:

Node Key Default Label
Application::Online::Orders Shopping Cart Title Shopping Cart
Application::Online::Orders Gift Send Order Gift Your Order
Application::Online::Orders Shipping Details Delivery Details
Application::Online::Orders Billing Info Billing Info
Application::Online::Orders Order Summary Order Summary
Application::Customer::Order summary_title order summary
Application::Online::Orders Ship via Ship via
Application::Online::Orders Gift Recipient Details Gift Recipient Details

The following .INC file labels also appear on this page: