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Default Online Header Settings

Headers (h1) and sub-header (h2 - h4) are used to mark sections and sub-sections of a page.

Component Comments CSS Selectors Line Reference Default Properties Default Property Values New Property Value
headings h1 30 color #F58036  
      font-size 16px  
      font-weight bold  
  h2 35 color #2C76B7  
      font-size 13px  
      font-weight bold  
  h3 40 color #3F3F3F  
      font-size 12px  
      font-weight bold  
  h4 45 color #79B3E3  
      font-style italic  
      font-weight bold  
  hr 55 background #C8C8C8  
  .required 56 color #2C76B7  
  .optional 58 font-weight normal  
      font-style italic