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Default Online seatSelect.asp and mapSelect.asp Branding

The pick-a-seat Flash map can be customized through the AudienceView Registry. This configuration is global and applies to all AudienceView sites.

For information regarding the configurable labels available, refer to mapSelect.asp, seatSelect.asp and flashMapXML.asp.

Component Comments CSS Selectors Line Reference Default Properties Default Property Values New Property Value
venue image title on seatSelect.asp and seatResult.asp #seatResults .venueImage h2,
#seatSelect .venueImage h2
214 background-color gray  
      color #FFF  
      font-size 12px  
links between best available and map select #seatTabs 220 border-bottom 1px solid #D7D7D7  
  .seattab_off 223 background-color #EDEDED  
      border solid #D7D7D7  
      border-width 1px 1px 0px 1px  
  .seattab_on 228 background #F4F9FC  
      border solid #76B2E6  
      border-width 1px 1px 0px 1px  
listing of tickets already in shopping cart on seatResult.asp .seatsOnOrderBox 234 background-color #fff  
      border 1px solid #CEE5FB  
performance information on seat select/map select, shopping cart and view order .seriesDescription 242 font-size 12px  
      font-weight bold  
  .performanceDescription 246 - -  
  .performanceDate 249 - -  
  .moreInformationLink 242 - -