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Default Online My Order Box Branding

The My Order section helps users keep track of what they have put in their shopping carts, and allows them to directly access their shopping carts from anywhere in the Online flow.

Component Comments CSS Selectors Line Reference Default Properties Default Property Values New Property Value
order information box #orderInfo 79 background-color #002447  
      border 1px solid #174D83  
a shopping cart icon that is hyperlinked to shoppingCart.asp. #orderInfoImage 83 background-color transparent  
For more information regarding the shopping cart image, refer to Shopping Cart Image Guidelines.     background-image url(../../../Online/branding/ShoppingCart.gif)  
      background-position inherit  
      background-repeat no-repeat  
      display none  
the order summary text in this container #orderInfoSummary 90 color #FFF  
the logged in User Greeting - "Order for Guest" #orderInfoSummary h2 93 color #FFF  
      font-size 15px  
      font-weight normal  
the "shopping cart" text hyperlink to shoppingCart.asp #orderInfoCartLink 98 color #FFF  
the order timeout message associated with performances/bundles #orderTimeout 101 background-color #F58036