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The bundleSelectMiscItem.asp page appears once customers have selected a gift on a bundle that they want to work with.

You can customize the field labels and buttons within the bundlesSelectMiscItem.asp page, using the following Registry application Registry::EN nodes and keys:

Node Key Default Label
Application::Online::Navigation Bundles Bundles
Application::Online::Bundles Bundle Selection Please Select Your Bundle Options
Application::Online::Seats More Information More Information
Application::Online::Items Quantity Quantity
Application::Online::Bundles Required Required
Application::Online::Bundles Optional Optional
Application::Online::Bundles No Minimum No Minimum
Application::Online::Bundles Required Required
Application::Online::Bundles Min per Bundle Minimum per Bundle:
Application::Online::Bundles Max per Bundle Maximum per Bundle:
Application::Online::Bundles No Maximum No Maximum
Application::Online::Messages Miscellaneous Item Unavailable This item is not available for sale.
Application::Online::Items View Larger Click here to view larger image.
Application::Online::Messages Start Over Start Over
Application::Online::Navigation Continue Continue

The following .INC file labels also appear on this page: