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Commonly Used Include File Labels

There are a few include files (.inc.asp) that get used within the majority of AudienceView's Online/Mobile pages (e.g. headers and prompts). You can customize several components within AudienceView Online/Mobile sales to meet your organization’s needs. These components include field labels, buttons and messages. If an .inc file or an .asp page name is shared between AudienceView Online and AudienceView Mobile, the common configurable labels are called out with Online [or Mobile] when referencing the applicable node. Files and pages that are only applicable to AudienceView Mobile are identified as such.

  • Displays the account header across all of the My Account pages.
  • Displays the various options within My Account (e.g. Ticket History, Offers, Friends).
  • The footer branding for AudienceView Mobile.
  • Displays the standard header used to across the site.
  • Displays error message labels in various parts of the site.
  • Displays the human check (hc) screen when tickets are added to the order.
  • Displays general messages used throughout the site.
  • The navigation menu for AudienceView Mobile.
  • Displays general seating information throughout the site (i.e. section, row, seat).
  • Displays the promotional code box where customers can enter access codes.

Several other .inc files are used in conjuction with AudienceView's Online/Mobile .asp pages. The information regarding the configuration of labels and fields associated with these .inc files are listed in the .asp pages to which they apply.