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While logged on, the listOrders.asp page enables customers to view their order history by order number:

You can customize the field labels and buttons within the listOrder.asp page, using the following Registry application Registry::EN nodes and keys:

Node Key Default Label
Application::Online [or Mobile]::Accounts::Browser Titles Order History Order History
Application::Online::Accounts My Account My Account
Application::Online [or Mobile]::Accounts::Section Titles Order History Order History
Application::Online [or Mobile]::Ticket Forwarding Admission Links Forward/Reprint Tickets
Application::Online [or Mobile]::Messages No Orders You currently have no orders.
Application::Mobile::Navigation Back Back
Collection Object::TSorderCO::Query::Clause::Order Number Label Order Number
Collection Object::TSorderCO::Query::Clause::Created On Label Created on
Collection Object::TSorderCO::Query::Clause::First Series Name Label First Series Name
Collection Object::TSorderCO::Query::Clause::First Performance Start Date Label First Performance Start Date

The following .INC file labels also appear on this page: