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Using the Encryption Page to Purge Cardholder Data (AudienceView 6.3.4)

The Registry Encryption page allows you to purge encrypted customer cardholder information based on your organization's retention period.

The Registry Encryption page only displays the database columns that have been encrypted. For more information, refer to the Encryption Tool.

To purge encrypted cardholder data, complete the following:

  1. Open the Registry application from the AudienceView Desktop.
  2. Select the Encryption tab.
    The Registry Encryption page appears.
  3. Select the 'Purge?' check box next to the column 'Column Name' that you want to purge.
  4. Enter the retention period as a relative date in the 'Retention Interval' field or click to select a relative date.
    For more information, refer to Using Relative Dates and Times.
    The 'Retention Interval' settings will remain from the last time the purge was executed.
  5. Click 'Purge'.
    A warning message appears indicating the number of records that will be affected by the purge, and which columns will be purged.
    The message prompts you to confirm the purging of the identified records.
  6. Click 'OK'
    A message appears confirming the completion of the purge.
  7. Click 'OK'.
    The 'Last Purge Retention Date' and 'Last Purge Affected Records' columns are updated to reflect the most recent purge.