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Creating the AVSchedulerSVC Service

To start the AVSchedulerSVC Service, complete the following:

  1. Navigate to Start>All Programs>Accessories.
  2. Right-click on Command Prompt and select Run as an Administrator.
    The Command Prompt window appears.
  3. Enter a prompt with the following syntax:
    • C:\>sc create “name” binpath= "path to avschedulersvc.exe"
      For example, C:\>sc create AVSchedulerSVC binpath= "c:\AudienceView\Builds\audienceview_6_3_0\Libs\AVSchedulerSvc.exe"
      Ensure that there is a space between "binpath=" and the path to the AVSchedulerSvc.exe file.
  4. If you need to delete the AVSchedulerSVC service, enter the following prompt:
    • C:\>sc delete "name".
  5. Press ENTER.
  6. Navigate to Start>All Programs>Administrative Tools>Services.
  7. Double-click on AVSchedulerSVC.
    The AVSchedulerSVC Properties dialog box appears.
  8. In the General tab, select Automatic from the 'Startup type:' dropdown.
  9. Click 'Start'.
  10. Click 'OK'.