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Configuring Roles

Roles restrict a user's access within AudienceView and are most often used to reflect an organization’s sales channels. Access to the following items can be restricted by role:

  • Venues
  • Series, Performances and Bundles
  • Service Charges and Miscellaneous Items
  • Payment and Delivery Methods
  • Hold Types
  • Producers
  • Fundraising Programs

When such an item is created, roles are granted access. When users log on to AudienceView with an allowed role, they can access the item. A user's group determines what the user can do with the item. A user may have multiple roles associated to them, but when logging in, they must choose a single role to use. This role can be changed at anytime using the Options menu.

When you configure the role, you can:

  • Assign default settings for payment and delivery methods, price type, fund and invoice templates.
  • Restrict access to venues.
  • Assign users.

If these have not been created, you can assign them at any time.

No more than 1,000 users can be assigned to a particular role.


The following sections describe how to work with roles: