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Building Links to Performances, Bundles, Articles and Miscellaneous Items in a Message

You can create links to internal objects (e.g. any performance, bundle, or other entity created in AudienceView that you can put on sale or publish). When creating a message, you can create links to external URLs to provide information about specific performers, artists or teams (refer to Creating a Link in a Message). You can to add links that will navigate the reader to performances or bundles that are on sale via websales, to specific articles for them to read, or other miscellaneous items. For example, your message could be used to inform your subscribers to a particular on-sale bonus event available to them, and then provide the subscriber a direct link to the event enabling them to purchase tickets immediately.

The links to the internal objects can be labelled separately (e.g. Click HERE to purchase tickets!).

The following sections describe how to link to specific internal objects:

In compliance with CAN-SPAM regulations, initiators of commercial emails must provide a working opt-out/unsubscribe link within marketing/advertising emails. For more information, refer to Email Marketing Single Click Opt-Out.
Opt-out/unsubscribe links should be added only to messages that are meant for marketing/advertising and not for other types of messages (e.g. payment notifications, electronic tickets).