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The platforms, tools, analytical techniques and abilities to personalize communications of email marketing has vastly increased since its inception and is now considered the most personal form of online communication that is available to marketers today. Regardless of location, almost everyone has an email address and access to the internet.

Email is a measurable, low-cost form of marketing and it has a strong return on investment. There is no channel that is more effective at communicating relevant, personalized and engaging content than email.

The Correspondence application allows you to create targeted messages with a rich-text editor that can be distributed to specific members of your customer base at specified times. Messages can be sent via email or they can be sent to customers' Message Centre within their My Account pages Online. The messages can be delivered in an HTML or text format and can contain direct links to performances or bundles that you want to promote. The delivery of the messages can be scheduled for a specific date and time that you desire. As well, AudienceView allows you to track and report on subsequent purchases as a result of the emailed message.

For an outline of the Email Marketing Guide's content, refer to the Email Marketing Content Map.

Before creating a message, you should be aware of how your message or the frequency of your message delivery aligns with standard Spam issuance guidelines. For more information, refer to Email Marketing Best Practices.
Tab Description
Enables you to search for any correspondence that has been sent via any of AudienceView's applications.
For more information, refer to Correspondence Correspondence.
Enables you to create and send emails to customers for marketing purposes.
For more information, refer to Correspondence Message.