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seatSelect.asp - AVTiki

The following image illustrates the Seat Select and Reserve Seating page (seatSelect.asp):

You can customize the field labels and buttons within the seatSelect.asp page, using the following Registry application Registry::EN nodes and keys:

Node Key Default Label
Application::AVTiki::Seats Get Seats Title Get Seats!
Application::AVTiki::Messages Performance Required You must have a valid performance selected.
Application::AVTiki::Messages Performance Sold Out There are no available seats for the selected performance.
Application::AVTiki::Messages Performance Not Yet On Sale This performance will be available for sale on
Application::AVTiki::Messages Performance Off Sale This performance is no longer available for sale.
Application::AVTiki::Messages Performance Off Cal This performance is not available for sale.
Application::AVTiki::Messages at the venue prefix At the
Application::AVTiki::Navigation I'm Going I'm Going
Application::AVTiki::Navigation I Might Go I Might Go
Application::AVTiki::Messages Look for Other Events look for another artist
Application::AVTiki::Messages place on hold for friends 1 At this time you have the opportunity to
Application::AVTiki::Messages place on hold for friends 2 place some of the tickets below on hold
Application::AVTiki::Messages place on hold for friends 3 for your friends. To complete this process you must purchase at least
Application::AVTiki::Messages place on hold for friends 4 one (1)
Application::AVTiki::Messages place on hold for friends 5 admission.
Application::AVTiki::Navigation closeButton Close
Application::AVTiki::Messages AVTiki offer name AVTiki Offer
Application::AVTiki::Seats Seat Quantity Seat Quantity
Application::AVTiki::Seats Default Price Type Quantity 2
Application::AVTiki::Messages Reserve seat for friends Save Seats for friends
Application::AVTiki::Seats Seat Price Zone Seat Price Zone
Application::AVTiki::Seats Any Zone Best Available
Application::AVTiki::Messages find my tickets find my tickets

The following .INC file labels also appear on this page: