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AVTiki Labels

You can customize several components within AVTiki to meet your organization’s needs. These components include field labels, window buttons and messages.

Most labels used within AVTiki, can be customized using the AudienceView Registry application. For more information on using the Registry, refer to Registry Application.

Some of the labels within AVTiki are shared within AudienceView Online. Changing these labels will effect both of the applications.

In general, to modify labels and buttons within AVTiki, use the following nodes:

Node Sub Nodes
Business Objects TSorderBO
Collection Objects TSperformanceCO
Modifications made to business or collections objects within the Registry affect all AudienceView interfaces. To make modifications to these nodes only within AudienceView Online, modify the corresponding Application Security application User|Attributes or Group|Attributes page. For more information, refer to Online Sales Groups, Role and User and Configuring Online Users.

AVTiki Labels

The following sections outline the configurable fields available for AVTiki.

AVTiki Include Files

Several other .inc files are used in conjuction with AVTiki's .asp pages. The information regarding the configuration of labels and fields associated with these .inc files are listed in the .asp pages to which they apply.

You can customize the error and warning messages, used exclusively by AVTiki at anytime. These messages are located in the Registry application Registry::EN::Application::Tiki::Messages node

To customize messages used globally across all AudienceView interfaces, use the Registry::Alerts node. For more information, refer to the Registry Alerts Category.

AVTiki Account .asp Pages

AVTiki Performance .asp Pages

AVTiki Order .asp Pages

  • orderContact.asp - AVTiki: The Billing Info page where customers verify their address/contact information and select a payment method for a particular order before it is created.
  • shoppingCart.asp - AVTiki: The Shopping Cart page that displays all of the items that customers have selected to purchase on the current order. Customers reach this page whenever they add an item to the current order or click Shopping Cart in the upper right-hand corner.
  • showSeats.asp - AVTiki: The Seat Map page that displays customers' selected seats when they click on Show Seats from the shoppingCart.asp page.
  • viewOrder.asp - AVTiki: The Order Summary page that displays once an order has been completed. It contains the order information, confirmation number and the 'Printer-Friendly' print button.
  • waiting.asp - AVTiki:
  • waitingRoom.asp - AVTiki: The Virtual Waiting Room page.

Other AVTiki .asp Pages