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Submitting the Facebook App for Approval

If you want to use Facebook RSVP fuctionality (i.e. the 'I'm Going' and 'I Might Go' buttons), you must first submit your AVTiki application to Facebook for approval.

Before you begin, create an event specifically for Facebook to use to review your AVTiki app. For more information, refer to AVTiki Performance Configuration.

To submit your AVTiki app, complete the following:
  1. In a web-browser, navigate to Facebook’s developer site
  2. Login using a developer account with admin rights on your organization's Facebook page.
    For more information, refer to Creating a Facebook Developer Account.
  3. Select the My Apps tab along the top of the page.
  4. Select Status & Review on the left-hand side.
  5. Click 'Start Submission'.
  6. Select the checkbox next to rsvp_event.
  7. Click 'Add 1 Item'.
  8. Click 'Add Notes'.
    The Notes for rsvp_event dialog box appears.
  9. Select the 'Sets people's RSVP status' radio button.
  10. Change the 'Desktop' and 'Mobile' switches to On.
    Text boxes desktop and mobile notes appear.
  11. Copy and paste the following into both of the text boxes:

    1. Login with Facebook
    2. Accept permissions, including rsvp_events
    3. You are presented with two options: "I'm Going" and "I Might Go"
    Without RSVP_EVENT we are not able to display the users attending the event.
  12. Click 'Save'.
  13. Copy and paste the following into the Facebook Login Integration section's text box, and update the appropriate information:

    2. Click 'Find Tickets' next to the [ENTER THE NAME OF THE EVENT YOU CREATED].
    3. Login into Facebook.
    4. Accept the "user_events" permission. RSVP_EVENT permission.
  14. Select the checkbox in the Submission Confirmation section.
  15. Click 'Submit for Review'.
Emails regarding the status of the app review will be sent to the primary email address of the Facebook account.