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Linking the Facebook App to the Facebook Page

The following section describes how to create the app icon on your organization's Facebook page. This icon is how customers will access AVTiki and begin the purchase flow.

You must use a Facebook developer account that is an administrator on the app and the Facebook page. For more information, refer to Managing Facebook Accounts.

To create the app icon, complete the following:

  1. Log into Facebook ( using the developer account.
  2. In a new tab/browser window, navigate to[YOUR_APP_ID]&next=[YOUR_URL], where:
    • [YOUR_APP_ID] is the Facebook 'App ID' found just above the Basic Info section of the App's Basic page.
    • [YOUR_URL] is the 'Canvas Page URL' found on the App on Facebook section of App's Basic page.

      For example:

      The Add Page Tab site appears.
  3. Select your organization's Facebook page from the 'Choose Facebook Pages' dropdown.
    If the account that you are logged into not an administrator on the Facebook page, it will not appear in the dropdown list.
  4. Click 'Add Page Tab'.
    The app icon will now appear on your organization's Facebook page in the apps section.
To hide the app icon from the public, enable 'Sandbox Mode' in the Basic Info section of the App's Basic page. When 'Sandbox Mode' is enabled, only administrators or designated testers will be able to see and use the app.