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Accepting an AVTiki Reservation

Once Facebook users have purchased and reserved tickets to an event via AVTiki, they can let their friends know about the available seats in one of the following ways:

  • They can send their friends a direct message by clicking 'Send a reservation code to your friends via a direct message to invite them to buy the tickets you have reserved.'
  • They can send a to a group of their friends by clicking 'Post to Group?'.

The reservation appears in Facebook's Notifications section (upper-left hand side). The message states who has made/sent the reservation and the details of the event.
Once a reservation has been sent, Facebook friends have 24 hours to complete the purchase of the tickets. By clicking on the provided link, the Facebook friend is directed to the default.asp - AVTiki. The access code is automatically popluated, and the Facebook friend is redirected to the shoppingCart.asp - AVTiki page. If the Facebook friend has more than one AVTiki reservation notification, he/she must select the radio button next to the reservation that he/she wants to accept. Only one reservation can be accepted at a time. To accept other reservations, the user must return to the shopping cart page and select another reservation once the currently selected reservation has been purchased.The Facebook friend then selects the number of reserved seats that he/she wants to purchase and clicks 'Continue'. the Facebook friend is taken to the payment page where he/she enters the payment information and selects a delivery method option, and then clicks 'Buy' to purhcase the ticket(s). The customer can then click 'Download Tickets' to save the PDF tickets to their computers and/or click 'View Printer-Friendly Invoice' to view/print a printer-friendly version of the invoice.

Seats are distributed in sequential order. If the orginal purchase is for seats A1 and A2, and three seats are reserved, seats A3, A4 and A5 will be held. When the reservations are purchased, they are also redeemed in sequential order. If one friend takes two of the reserved seats, he/she will receive seats A3 and A4, leaving A5 on reserve for other friends.