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Creating a Single Click Unsubscribe Link

In compliance with CAN-SPAM regulations, initiators of commercial emails must provide a working unsubscribe link within marketing/advertising emails.

Unsubscribe links should be added only to messages that are meant for marketing/advertising and not for other types of messages (e.g. payment notifications, electronic tickets).

The unsubscribe link should be added to emails to customers that receive news/offers/updates via email. Emails should not be sent to people who have not opted-in to receive marketing/advertising emails nor should they be sent to people who have opted-out.

The unsubscribe link is not automatically generated for every message. An unsubscribe link, must be generated by clicking 'Build Link' on the Messages|Build page and selecting 'Article' from the dropdown when creating a marketing/advertising email message. It is up to the client to create one of these links.

The link should be protected enough that someone else cannot easily reproduce the same information to willfully remove other users.
  1. Enter the message text for the link (e.g. 'Click HERE for more information').
  2. Highlight the text that you want to build the article link upon (e.g. 'HERE' in 'Click HERE for more information').
    If no text is selected, the link will be created using the article name.  The link will be inserted at the position of the cursor.
  3. Select Article from the 'Build Link' dropdown.

    The Find Articles dialog box opens.
  4. Enter the desired search criteria in the appropriate fields in the search articles group box.
    For more information, refer The Find Articles Dialog Box.
  5. Select the desired article.
    The link for the article is displayed in the 'Link' field.
  6. Select the appropriate base site for the URL in the 'Base Site URL' dropdown.
    The 'Base Site URLs' are defined in the Site URLs list. For more information, refer Configuring Lists.
  7. Select the list that the customer would be opting out of when the link is clicked from the appropriate 'Communication Pref. Unsubscribe', 'Marketing Pref. Unsubscribe' or 'Message Source Unsubscribe' dropdowns.
    If the following lists have not been populated, the corresponding dropdowns will not be displayed in the Find Articles dialog box.
    • Customer Communication Preferences list ('Communication Pref. Unsubscribe' dropdown)
    • Customer Marketing Preferences list ('Marketing Pref. Unsubscribe' dropdown)
    • Associations list ('Message Source Unsubscribe' dropdown)

      For more information, refer to Default Customer Email Marketing Message Preferences.
  8. Click 'Insert Link'.
    The Messages|Build page displays with the article link created in the message.

Once the customer clicks on the unsubscribe link (or copies and pastes it into a browser), the selected article will display and the customer will be removed from the mailing list. By default, the default unsubscribe article displays stating:

You Have Successfully Unsubscribed.
We are sorry to see you go.
If you arrived here accidentally and want to manage your account settings or create an account, please click here.