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Referrer Codes

You can embed referrer codes into your URLs that will get tagged against any action that a customer saves to the database, such as creating an account or buying tickets. If a customer is coming from an affiliate site via a link, the action can be tracked in the system, and can then be reported on via a BI query.

By embedding referrer codes within every URL that is sent within an email, you can track and report on orders, click-throughs, referral, etc. to gauge the effectiveness of your email marketing campaign.

For example, you can run a referral program where season ticket holders/customers receive an email containing a promotional offer. Recipients are then asked to forward the email to interested family and friends. If someone utilizes the emailed promotion, then the season ticket holder/customer who forwarded the email will receive, for example, two free tickets to a future game.

The syntax for setting a referrer code in a URL:

  • http://site/default.asp?SessionSecurity::referrer=[referrer]&[remaining URL]