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Using the Source Editor to Create the Content of a Message

The source editor uses XHTML only and converts all rich text into the supporting XHTML. You should only use the source editor in cases where you need to disambiguate your rich text. Do not attempt to use the source editor unless you have knowledge in XHTML usage.

The source editor can be used to disambiguate the source code for your message. When using the rich text editor, there are custom tags that AudienceView software uses to create message formats and layouts. These can become ambiguous over the course of editing the message. It is understood that to use the source editor, you have a basic knowledge of XHTML and its appropriate tag format and content.

To use the source editor to edit a message, complete the following:

  1. Open the Correspondence application from the AudienceView Desktop.
  2. Select the Messages tab.
    The Messages|Search page appears.
  3. Search for and select the message that you want to work with. For more information, refer to the Correspondence Messages-Search Page and Performing Searches.
    If you have not previously created the desired message, create the basic information for the message. For more information, refer to Creating a Message.
    The Messages|Basic page appears.
  4. Select the Build tab.
    The Messages|Build page appears.
  5. Click the 'Source' button ( ). The Messages|Build page displays with the content of the message displayed in XHTML source.
  6. Edit or add to the content of your message using XHTML. Refer to an XHTML source guide like the one found at
  7. To return to the Rich Text editor, click the 'Source' button ( ).
    The Messages|Build page displays with the content of the message displayed in a WYSIWYG format.
  8. Click 'Apply'.
    A window confirms that the application updated the message.
  9. Click 'OK'.