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Do Not Mail List - Customer Marketing Preferences

To create a mailing list that excludes all of the customers who have opted-out of receiving email marketing, you must create a Business Intelligence query with the following criteria:

  1. Open the Business Intelligence and Reports application from the AudienceView Desktop.
  2. Select the Business Intelligence tab.
    The Business Intelligence|Search page appears.
  3. Select Customer from the 'Object List' dropdown. The option you select determines the criteria and fields you can work with.
  4. Click 'Create New'.
    The Business Intelligence|Criteria page appears.
    Define the criteria for your query as follows. Criteria are visible to users and evaluated to determine the data to return in the results of a BI query. For more information, refer to Working with BI Criteria.
    Field Value
    Category/Criteria Customer Marketing Preferences
    Type Match Condition
    Function Blank
    Condition Does not equal
    Values No, please do not send me any promotional information.

    The above values are examples that may not exist in your system. Select any value that has a mailing list associated with it.
  5. Optionally, you can also filter the criteria to exclude any customers who may no longer be active by going to the Business Intelligence|Filtering page and filtering for:
    Field Value
    Operator Type Or
    Filter Customer State
    Types Matches
    Value(s) Closed

    For more information, refer to Working with BI Filters.

  6. Save your changes by expanding the save lists and extracts section of the Business Intelligence|Results page and save your changes. For more information, refer to Saving a BI Query.
  7. Search for and select the saved list that you would like to add your criteria to. For more information, refer to the Business Intelligence-Search Page and Performing Searches.
    The Business Intelligence|Results page appears.
  8. Click 'Add Criteria'.
  9. Select the criteria list that you just created from the 'search_id' dropdown.
  10. Select Remove from the 'type' dropdown.
  11. Click in the save lists and extracts section.
  12. Alter the name of the Business Intelligence query in the 'name' field so that the version that excludes the opted-out customers is easily identified.
  13. Click 'Save a Copy'.

When you are going to send an email to customers, select the altered version from the Find Saved Lists dialog box as the 'Send To' list.