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This chapter describes AudienceView’s core reports, including a description of each report. Some report descriptions also include a description of the criteria used to run the report and a description of the report’s output.

Your organization may have additional customized reports that are not documented here. For information on a customized report, contact AudienceView Support at for further assistance.

There are several 'Date Formats' that are used across all of AudienceView's reports. Some of them have different meanings depending on the type of report in which they appear. For more information, refer to Date Formats within AudienceView Reports.

Report Terminology

The AudienceView reports can be broken down into two main categories:

  • Historical: Historical reports contain 'Date Format' dropdowns that allow you to generate for configurable range of dates. For example, the Ticket Sales report allows you to view the sales for a specified period of time.
  • Current State: Current State reports do not allow you to define a date range, but instead always shows the current state. For example, the Performance Popularity report will display how many admissions have been sold to date.

The following outlines some of the terminology that is used with AudienceView's generated reports:

  • Sold: Items that are on orders, regarless of whether or not they have been paid for.
  • Paid: Items that have been paid for.
  • Allocation: The process of applying payments to items on an order.
    For more information, refer to the Payment Allocations.
    • Partial Allocation: A partial payment on an order is allocated to one or more items on the order in a specific sequence, depending on the allocation strategy being used.
      For more information, refer to the Partial Allocation.
    • Full Allocation: A partial payment on an order will remain unallocated until the order is fully paid.
      For more information, refer to the Full Allocation.

Access Control Reports

The following reports can be used to report on ticket usage as updated by AudienceView’s Access Control:

Real Time Access Control Report
Scanned Tickets By Hour Report
Scanning Failures Report

The Ticket Usage report also reports on used tickets. For more information, refer to Ticket Usage Report.

Accounting Reports

AV Transaction Report (Piror to AudienceView 6.3.4)
AV Transaction Report (After AudienceView 6.3.4)
Credit Card Transaction Summary Report
Daily Payment Summary Report
End of Day Summary Report
General Ledger Report
Payment Details Report
Performance Order Allocations Report
Performance Payment Allocations Report
Sales Audit Report
Sales Report by Series Performance Report
Unallocated Payment Details Report
Unbalanced Orders Summary Report

Donations Reports

Donation By Sales Date Report
Donor Biography Report
Donation Detail Summary Report
Funds Detail Report

Marketing Reports

Call Over Report
Customer Biography Report
Front of House Report
Order Marketing Data Report
Question Response Summary Report
Ticket Usage Report

Miscellaneous Items Reports

Miscellaneous Items Report

Pricing Reports

Performance Pricing by Date Report
Performance Pricing by Price Type Report

Sales Reports

Admission Release Summary Report
Admissions by Delivery Method Report
Allocated Admission Detail Report
Bundle Performance Requests Report
Bundle Sales Report
Comp Admission Details Report
Gift Certificate and Gift Card Transactions Report
Gift Certificates and Gift Cards by Role Report
Held Tickets by Hold Type Report
Hold Type Range Report
Hourly Ticket Sales Report
Movement Report
Offer Status Report
Order Detail by User Role Report
Orders Paid by Date Report
Performance Audit Report
Performance Availability Report
Performance Payment Distribution Report
Performance Popularity Report
Performance Sales by Price Report
Performance Settlement Report
Sales Staff Analysis Report
Ticket Sales Report
Ticket Sales by Performance Report
Ticket Sales by Price Type and Price Zone Report
Wrap Report

Security Reports

Security by Group Report
Security by User Report

Service Charge Reports

Charges Report

Technical Reports

Credit Debit Card Payment Reconciliation Report
Duplicate Account Summary Report
Fortress Ticket Reconciliation Report
Seat History Report
Tickets Printed Report
Venue Proof Report