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Running a Saved BI Query

The Saved Bus. Intelligence tab of the Business Intelligence and Reports application enables you to run BI queries to which you have access. Your access to the queries on this tab is dependent on the query’s access mode:

Access Mode Description
Public Anyone can edit, delete, view or run the query.
Readable Anyone can view or run the query. Only the creator can edit and delete the query.
Private Only the creator can edit, delte, view or run the query.
You cannot modify saved queries from this tab.

To run a saved query from Saved Bus. Intelligence tab, complete the following:

  1. Open the Business Intelligence and Reports application from the AudienceView Desktop.
  2. Select the Saved Bus. Intelligence tab.
    The Saved Bus. Intelligence|Saved Queries page appears.
  3. Select the query that you want to run from the list.
    The Saved Bus. Intelligence|Parameters page appears.
  4. Enter your search criteria in the saved list criteria section, if applicable.
  5. Use the table below to complete the run saved query section:
    Field Description
    Extract Template Enables you to select how the output format of the BI query.
    • CSV (file/CSV): Returns the BI results in a Comma Separated Value (CSV) format. This format enables you to view the report in such applications as Microsoft Excel.
    • Mail Merge (file/mailmerge): Return the BI results in AudienceView mail merge format. Used with the AudienceView mail merge plug-in to create mail merges. For more information, refer to Installing the Mail Merge Plug-in.
    • XML (file/xml): Returns the BI results in an XML format.
    • Report PDF (Print) (text/avdocument): Returns the BI results in a PDF format.
    Extract Row Limit Enter the number of resulting rows expected for the extract.
    Extract Header Specify which labels you want to use to represent the result members in the extract’s headers:
    • Name: uses the column name from the database
    • Label: uses the label from the Registry
    • None: uses no header labels

      If the user who created the query specified a label for the header, this will always be used in the extract.
      If you want to find out how many records are returned by your query, click 'Count' in the run lists section.
  6. Choose an option:
    If you want to Then
    preview the results of the query, Select the Preview tab.
    The Saved Bus. Intelligence|Preview page appears. It contains a sample preview of the query results.
    extract the results to Microsoft Excel or to the format that you selected in Step 5. Click 'Extract' and complete the prompts to view or save the file.