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Selling Bundles

A bundle is comprised of a group of items that are priced together as a package. Some typical bundle examples are:

  • Subscription or season ticket
  • Pick 5 from 10
  • Buy 3, get one free
  • Family Pack
  • Buy 3, pick 5

Bundles can typically handle several different types of scenarios to suit the needs of an organization and their customers as follows:

  • Subscription or Season Ticket: For a subscription or season ticket, the bundle includes a seat to every home game or performance. Season ticket and subscription sales are generally renewable.
  • Pick 5 from 10: A pick 5 from 10 allows you to choose a subset of performances from a list of possible performances.
  • Family Pack Bundle: For Family Pack bundles, you can buy multiple admissions based on price type to the same performance. For example, you can buy two adults and two juniors/children tickets to a home game or performance.
  • Discount Promotion: A discount promotion is where you buy a bundle and pay set percentage (e.g. 20%) less than if you bought tickets to each performance at a single ticket price.
When you have selected the maximum number of admissions allowed for the bundle, the remaining options become read-only (greyed out).

Bundle Types

There are two types of bundles:

  • Normal Bundles: One-time, non-renewable bundles.
  • Subscription Bundles: can be renewed using the Utilities application. Whenever you create an order that contains a subscription bundle, you must select the seat that will be used to renew the bundle, if and when it is renewed.
    For more information, refer to Selecting a Subscription Bundle’s Renewal Seat.

A single order can include multiple copies of the same bundle (referred to as multiple instances of the same bundle), but they must all be fulfilled using the same performances.
For more information, refer to Bundle Instances and Charges.

Bundle Pricing Methods

The are three ways that a bundle can be priced:

  • Draw Down: Used for bundles where the exact performances/events are not known yet.
    Once performances have been assigned to a Draw Down bundle, any sold bundles must updated to include the appropriate performances. For more information, refer to Creating an Update Order Renewal.
  • Addition: The value of the assignment will contribute to the total bundle price (e.g. if a team makes the playoffs).
  • Standard: The value of the assignment contributes to the fixed bundle price.

Bundle Purchase Flow

When a bundle has been created using all of the configurable items (admissions, gifts, miscellaneous items and stored value items), clicking the 'Continue' button will take you to the next sellable bundle component in the following order:

  • Seats
  • Gifts
  • Miscellaneous Items
  • Stored Value Items (automatically added to the order, if included in a bundle)

Once all of the components are satisfied, clicking 'Continue' takes you to Order|Summary page.

The following sections describe how to sell bundles: